Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Macon Pictures

Olivia, Madison & Emma playing playdough with Grandma Myrtle. McIver helped Pop find just the right tool to fix the tricycle.
Olivia discovered Cacoo's Razor Scooter and zipped all over the place.
Mac with the T-Rex skull - and his Power Ranger sunglasses which he wore ALL the time.
Olivia with the bear skeleton at the Museum of Arts & Sciences.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Visit to Macon - May 20007

We're having a good visit in Macon with Nanoo, Pop and Cacoo. Olivia and I enjoyed going to Catherine's dance recital - she was in 8 performances! The kids are loving the pool - they have been swimming three times every day even though the water is still super cold. It has taken a few days, but McIver is slowly becoming more and more brave. Went to the Museum of Arts & Sciences this morning. They loved the dinosaurs fossils and bones. We also went to Kangaroo Bob's - along with about 4 local class parties. Olivia and McIver said they liked Kangaroo Bob's better than Pump It Up or BounceU.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day 2007

Happy Mothers Day to all! I could not have asked for a better Mothers Day - Olivia, McIver and I went to the Family Service at church this morning. They were able to light the candles so they thought that was pretty cool. Father Sam invited all the kids to the front to sit with him and it was nice (finally) not to have to worry that McIver would wander around getting into trouble. He sat right next to Fr. Sam and was able to say something into the microphone (I DID worry about what in the world would come out of his mouth, but whatever he said was benign enough that I've already forgotten!). Will was on call yesterday and had to round this morning so he wasn't able to make it. But, we all enjoyed a wonderful get-together with the DuMays and a bunch of folks for dinner.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Austin with the Stricklins

Will and I had a great, great weekend in Austin with Gay & Don Stricklin. After getting all of our kids set up with their respective sitters (LaToya stayed with O & Mac and they didn't miss us for one minute!), we headed out of town early Friday night. Once we finally got to Austin, we had a delicious dinner at Threadgills and made our way to 6th Street. We found a duelling piano bar called Pete's and sang our hearts out, making friends in the proces, until 3am.

Saturday got off to a slow start. Brunch at Kerbey Lane hit the spot! Then we went to the UT campus to enjoy some people-watching. Now I know where "Keep Austin Weird" came from! Once we all napped and watched the Kentucky Derby, we were ready to attempt night #2. Don suggested Romeo's for dinner. The food was delicious and we were entertained by all of the high school prom-goers. Little did we know that we would end up hanging out with high-schoolers for a great part of our evening. We made our way back to Threadgills for some live music but it turned out to be a high school Battle of the Bands. We voted for Max & Henry - renamed Max & Ruby by those of us with small children!

Finally, we were able to find more adult entertainment at the Continental Club. Elana James can play the fiddle like nobody's business. She was followed by Mother Truckers. By then, though, Gay & I had had our fill and were ready to head home. The guys talked us into a late night trip to WhatABurger before we called it a night.

We enjoyed a quick breakfast at Guero's Taco Bar in SoCo. Sadly, we didn't take a single picture, but we did have a great time and are looking forward to our next get-away with the Stricklins!

Olivia's Dance Recital

Olivia's dance recital was today. Her group danced to Lollipop. Olivia was front and center and did a great job. She didn't even glance to the side once to watch Miss Amanda. It was very obvious that she was having lots of fun!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Olivia's Fish Class Party

Olivia class celebrates everyone's birthday together at a party in May. I was a Party Mom today (the first party I've been able to attend all year b/c I'm usually at school with my class) and McIver was lucky enough to get to go with me. The kids all had a ball decorating cookies in the shape of their name, making picture frames, bowling and singing. McIver liked feeling like a big kid for a little while.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What happened to the Dinosaurs?

McIver's class is 'studying' dinosaurs this week. His teacher, Mrs. Paisley, asked the class "What do you think happened to the dinosaurs?" There were some funny responses. McIver said "Maybe strangers and mad dogs got them."