Saturday, June 30, 2007

Galveston Beach

We spent yesterday afternoon in Galveston with friends from Olivia's class at school. The weather was great and the waves were big. It took a little while (and some peer pressure) but Olivia finally went out in the ocean and loved it. McIver said he loved when the waves went over his head.

Mae, Olivia & Sydney
5 kids playing together happily so the moms could
have a conversation with complete sentences!

feeding the kamikaze seagulls.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Olivia's Theatre Camp

Olivia has been in theatre camp for the last 2 weeks at Main Street Theatre. She loved every minute of it. Their theme was Happily Ever After so, of course, she was thrilled with the idea of being a fairy princess. Their play, which they cast and wrote themselves with some direction from Mr. Matt, was called The Fairy Princess Ball. Olivia and her friend Mae were the twin fairies, Ebony, princesses of darkness. They told the other fairies, "No Dancing." Then the other fairies convinced Ebony to learn to dance... and they all lived Happily Ever After.

Olivia's costume, including a very made-at-the-last-minute wand.

Olivia with her friends Mae, the other twin fairy Ebony, and Sydney, the Sapphire Fairy.

Olivia and Sydney with Mr. Matt, their director.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers' Day 2007

Will was so looking forward to a round of golf at River Oaks CC with friends from church, but they were rained out. We did celebrate with breakfast and dinner together. And, since he couldn't actually play golf, he spent a lot of the afternoon watching it on television.

An Evening at the Pool

We have really enjoyed the new pool this year. It's closer to home and we already have lots of friends who go there, too. We spent last Friday night there - swimming and eating pizza.

McIver hasn't quite gotten up the nerve to jump off the diving board yet this year
(although he was doing it at the end of last summer).
I give him a few more weeks before he'll be jumping off like a pro.

Olivia swims like a fish - she loves to make up new jumps off the diving board.

We were glad Dad could finally join us on Friday night. We usually go during the day and then are too tired to go back after dinner.
Olivia loved having Dad there b/c he's actually strong enough to throw her far and flip her fast.
McIver loves watching the big kids play foosball... and getting an ice cream during the 10-minute breaks.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Olivia's Lost Tooth

Olivia lost her 3rd tooth (bottom left looking at this picture) this morning . . . only problem is that she really lost it. For the second time, a tooth has fallen out while she's eating. We searched high and low but couldn't find it so we're assuming that she swallowed it. She's not worried about the toothfairy not coming this time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

McIver's blessing

McIver jumps at the chance to say the blessing most nights. It's about the sweetest thing you've ever heard...

"I've got 10 little fingers
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things,
do you want to see? (you must answer 'yes')
I can squeeze them tight,
and I can open them wide.
I can put them low,
and I can put them high.
And I can make them hide.
I can put them in a very special way (brings them together).
I think about my God and I decide to pray."

Then we all go into "God Our Father."

McIver and I were trying to figure out the difference between a 'smooth roller and a bumpy one' today as we drove past a bunch of construction on our way to camp. When I told him that I didn't know the difference, he suggested that we ask Bryant Nixon. I was impressed that he remembered that Bryant knows all things construction. Bryant - if you're out there, please let me know so that I can pass it on to my future construction worker!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Post Dinner Walk

We like to go for a walk after dinner when everyone's in a good mood (and sometimes when we're not that helps!). Olivia especially likes to ride her bike because she had to get a new helmet - princesses, of course, to match her bike. We took a few pictures just for fun.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

McIver's waffle burn

Will was on call last night and the kids and I decided to have 'breakfast for supper.' McIver accidentally backed into the waffle iron and burned his arm pretty badly. He insisted that I take a picture of his bandage today. And, he also said that if I wanted to I could also take a picture of his tattoo from VBS... so I did.

You might notice that the black Power Ranger sunglasses have been replaced with Spider Man. The Power Ranger pair met an untimely demise when Mac stepped on them at the gym. Not to worry, he loves the new pair at least as much.

Friday, June 1, 2007

More Big Canoe Pictures

Andrew loved playing with the camper.

Even though the Wildcat pool is awesome, we made some time

for playing on the beach, too.

The only group picture all weekend was taken by Olivia.

Olivia's newest passion is playing Uno - she's pretty good. And, she's very cut-throat,

thanks to Aunt Dawn's lessons in being a not-so-good winner!

Cacoo & Christian helped Pop figure out the

new ice cream machine. Christian did most of the churning with a

little bit of help from on-lookers.

Big Canoe - Memorial Day Wknd 07

Olivia, McIver and I rode up to Big Canoe with Pop on Friday. They loved the pit stop for doughnuts and slushies on the way up! Once we got the car unloaded, it was time to wait for Daddy, Nanoo, Cacoo & Christian, and the YaYas to arrive. We spent the weekend just enjoying being together.

We gave Pop an early Fathers Day present - an ice cream machine.
It's particularly cool b/c you can either use the hand crank OR plug it in for easy ice cream making. We tried out two recipes - my fave is the Mexican Chocolate!

Olivia and McIver show off their new shades. Mac wore his ALL the time -

even when inside watching Cars with Andrew.

We all loved the new Wildcat pool. Everyone loved the sprinklers,

the rainbow and the buckets.

Will took a break from peeling shrimp so I could snap this shot.

He made a DELICIOUS shrimp & grits for us Saturday night!

Sadie & Julia