Tuesday, June 12, 2007

McIver's blessing

McIver jumps at the chance to say the blessing most nights. It's about the sweetest thing you've ever heard...

"I've got 10 little fingers
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things,
do you want to see? (you must answer 'yes')
I can squeeze them tight,
and I can open them wide.
I can put them low,
and I can put them high.
And I can make them hide.
I can put them in a very special way (brings them together).
I think about my God and I decide to pray."

Then we all go into "God Our Father."

McIver and I were trying to figure out the difference between a 'smooth roller and a bumpy one' today as we drove past a bunch of construction on our way to camp. When I told him that I didn't know the difference, he suggested that we ask Bryant Nixon. I was impressed that he remembered that Bryant knows all things construction. Bryant - if you're out there, please let me know so that I can pass it on to my future construction worker!

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