Monday, June 18, 2007

An Evening at the Pool

We have really enjoyed the new pool this year. It's closer to home and we already have lots of friends who go there, too. We spent last Friday night there - swimming and eating pizza.

McIver hasn't quite gotten up the nerve to jump off the diving board yet this year
(although he was doing it at the end of last summer).
I give him a few more weeks before he'll be jumping off like a pro.

Olivia swims like a fish - she loves to make up new jumps off the diving board.

We were glad Dad could finally join us on Friday night. We usually go during the day and then are too tired to go back after dinner.
Olivia loved having Dad there b/c he's actually strong enough to throw her far and flip her fast.
McIver loves watching the big kids play foosball... and getting an ice cream during the 10-minute breaks.

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