Friday, July 27, 2007

Blue Bell Creamery - Part II

Well, we made another trip to Blue Bell today and actually were able to make the tour this time. It was worth the trip. We went with our friends, Mae and her mom, Lana, and had a great time. We saw where and how the ice cream is flavored, the ice cream being put into the containers, the lids being put on, the containers being loaded into boxes, flipped over and then sent into the Blast Freezers. We saw the packaging of ice cream sandwiches and more. All the kids enjoyed watching the process, but McIver was especially impressed with all the machines and assembly lines. He kept trying to tell the tour guide about the machines. At the end, we made our way to the Ice Cream Parlor where we each had a taste - both Olivia and McIver had Rainbow Sherbert and I had Mint Chocolate Chip (I know that's what Will would have chosen had he been there with us!). Delicious!!

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