Monday, November 21, 2011

Krispy Kreme Date with Mac

Olivia had a field trip to Cypress Gardens last Thursday with her fourth grade class.  She had to be at school "no later than 7am, Mama, or Mr. Shirley will be really upset with us."  So, we picked up her friend Kit at 6:45 and made it into the front circle in plenty of time.  Mr. Shirley was not upset, I think he was just a little tired because, like I said, it was early!

Anyway, Will had to round early that morning so he wasn't available to stay with McIver and get him up and fed.  So, I bribed McIver with a trip to Krispy Kreme after we dropped off the girls.  He obliged and was as happy and pleasant as can be.  For the record, the pumpkin spice doughnut (only available for a limited time) was delicious!

(His smile might look forced, and it was.  I had to beg him to stop eating long enough to smile for me.  He might also have been a touch displeased with me because I wouldn't let him order a 'diet coke so it will wake me up for the whole day.')

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