Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vail 2012 - Day 2

We met Nanoo and Pop at the airport in Eagle for our first day in Vail.  Thankfully, we arrived soon after them and had a rental car so that we could all ride into Vail together.  After unloading and unpacking, we went into Lionshead Village to get fitted for ski boots (for Will and me) and getting boots, poles, skis for the children.  We ordered pizza to eat at the house while we waited for the Pumpellys to arrive.  We were pretty exhausted from our early wake-up time (3am) on Saturday morning, though, so we stayed up just long enough to say hello and goodnight in the same breath when they walked in the door.

Will took the kids to ski school on Sunday morning then we headed to the bus stop to hit the slopes.  Of course, waiting at the bus stop involves lots of checking emails/texts and weather reports on our smart phones.

Will, Dawn, David, Andrew and I skied together all morning and had lunch at one of our favorite spots ... Wildwood ... they have the best chicken and wild rice soup ever!  I was determined to get at least a few pictures of our family and Will and I together during this trip.  Dawn was kind enough to help me out...

David and Will took off with Andrew while Dawn and I stopped at Eagles Nest.  I ran into Olivia who was thrilled to leave her ski instructor and ski down to the village with us.

We sort of missed the intown bus because Will and I had to get our new boots checked out.  (We didn't actually miss the bus, but only half of the Merritts were there when it came and I'm not sure even half of us could have fit on it because it was so crowded.) Soooo, we caught the next bus and stopped for margaritas and chips at La Cantina in the transportation center.  It had to be done!

McIver loved his first day of ski school.  He really liked Adam, his instructor, and didn't take long to get back his ski legs.  He also shared a few jokes he picked up from Adam.  ("What did the green grape say to the purple grape? ... Breathe man, breathe!")

Olivia and Will were all smiles!

The Carabettas came to have dinner with us.

Charlie, their 2 year old little boy, borrowed Dawn's 'pone' and entertained himself all night long!  He kept taking the 'pone' to Pop.  Jen and Matt said that Hop on Pop is one of his favorite books so maybe he thought Pop looks like Pop - they DO both have a beard, after all.

Peggy Pa whipped up chocolate fondue for the kids ... they dipped apples, bananas, fruit snacks (yuck!) and pound cake.  BIG hit, HUGE!!

Pillow attack on Pig Pa!

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