Thursday, November 15, 2012

McIver's 9th Birthday Celebration

McIver's birthday comes during a hard time of year ... fall break from school and football/soccer season.  It's hard to schedule a party for him because so many of his friends go to USC games and we also have to work around his soccer schedule.  We finally found a day, though, that worked for everyone...

Frankie's Fun Park!!!

The boys met at our house at noon so that Will could take them to ChicFilA while I took Olivia to her soccer game.  (This picture makes me laugh ... I don't think boys will ever pose for pictures like Olivia and her friends!)

Olivia and I met the guys at Frankie's after her game.  Everyone was having a great time - they had already taken a turn on the go-carts and were working on blowing through the tokens on their arcade cards.

'Spending' tickets on straight-up sugar is always fun!

Will has a few pictures on his phone so I'll have to post those later.

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