Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vail - Breckinridge

We decided to head to Breckinridge one day for skiing and roller-coastering.  This was our first time there and we ended up with very mixed reviews.  The slopes weren't as well-marked as we would have liked.  The fact that the lifts were longer was a mixed blessing ... it was a terribly long, bitterly cold ride to the top of the runs, but the runs were long and pretty fun.  Catherine and I ended up skiing together while everyone else went ahead without us.  It was nice to have someone who was more my speed.

We couldn't resist the Ski Girls Rock sign!

The roller coaster was AWESOME!!!  The kids (and Will) definitely got their (our) money's worth.  Nanoo decided it was worth a try, too.  We could hear her giggling and squealing half-way down the track!

Olivia said it's way more fun to ride with an adult because you go WAY faster.

Nanoo and Pop met us for lunch.  We sat right next to the outdoor grill and put a hurtin' on a bucket of beer.

Olivia and I decided to take a run on our own at the end of the day.  We went the wrong way (remember how the runs aren't as clearly marked!) and ended up at the VERY bottom of the slopes.  We skied past some really cool condos that were definitely 
'ski in-ski out.'  But, we had to traipse across three parking lots to meet everyone else at the bottom of the gondola.  She was a trooper!

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Hatton said...

Fun trip! Hiking in ski boots is not an easy thing to do!!