Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break - Fort Frederica

I have been going to St. Simons for more years than I can count and don't think I've ever been to Fort Frederica.  So, Will, Pop, Mac and I left the girls at home with Nanoo and headed over there on Saturday afternoon.  

Our first stop was the Bloody Marsh where the British defeated the Spanish forces.  McIver thought the name of the marsh was pretty cool and was intrigued that the Spanish only reported losing eight soldiers.  Doesn't seem like that would cause enough blood for the name Bloody Marsh, but who are we to question history!?

Then, we headed over to the actual Fort which was a military outpost established to protect Georgia from the Spanish military in Florida.  It was a beautiful piece of land with many remnants left over from the fort.  Pop, Will and Mac posed for a picture in front of the spot where the doctor's house/office was located.

Mac at the fort.

Investigating the fort.

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