Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blessing of the Animals

Olivia and McIver were excited to sing for the Blessing of the Animals this morning at Palmer. We chose to leave our animals at home since Dad couldn't go with us to keep up with Murphy. There were LOTS of animals - live and stuffed - dogs, cats (some in carriers and, amazingly, some not), rabbits, hermit crabs, fish, guinea pigs and a parrot. Mac took his blue bunny and O (surprisingly!) took the ballerina pig that she received as a birthday gift. (Froggie was blessed last year, she reminded me.)

McIver's first public performance with Cherub Choir. He loved it!

Olivia follows Mrs. Courtney's cues closely.

Fr. Sam was the officiant and we were even joined by St. Francis of Assisi himself!

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Anonymous said...

What a treat. We only had dogs this year, plus one very nervous cat.