Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let the Celebration(s) Begin...

Today is McIver's 4th birthday. Of course, because he's my child, he was able to open some presents early! (Really, we had a good reason - my Open House is tonight at school from 6:30 until after 8 so he NEEDED to be able to start celebrating last night!) He loves the baseball bat, glove and balls from Nanoo, Pop & Cacoo. We will open more presents later and are having the party on Saturday at BounceU with his whole class from school.

He actually made contact quite a few times and was so excited. This was last Thursday, so I can't really remember anymore why the children are wearing pajamas to play in the backyard.

Olivia picked out a Spiderman costume for him - a HUGE hit! (Until yesterday, he thought he had to be a pirate every year for Halloween - he's jazzed at the thought of being Spiderman!)
That would be SHEER DELIGHT on his face!

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