Thursday, January 10, 2008

The New Car

Even though Will has said that he thinks it will be best for him to drive the new car, the kids think otherwise. Will's desire to keep one car kid-friendly and one more 'presentable' only led to a major clean-out of the green car. Olivia, McIver and Grandma Myrtle worked hard for 2 hours on Monday scrubbing, cleaning out, windexing and vaccuuming the green car so that Daddy could have the 'presentable' car. They also came up with a few rules for the new car: no food or drinks, except for water b/c it just dries and doesn't stain; no markers only books; no yelling when someone is driving. We still have not made the change, but the kids are hopeful that they can stay awake long enough tonight to welcome Dad home, prop his feet up on the coffee table, bring him a Golf Magazine and then make the trade while he's not looking. Olivia said she'll move everything out of the red car into the green car. McIver will move our stuff into the red car. We'll see how that goes...

On the way to Los Tios with Grandma Myrtle, McIver shows off his clean hair and his seat in the red car.

Olivia working hard to get the green car sparkly clean, like new.

McIver is back to wanting to be a construction worker when he grows up. Here he is with Grandma Myrtle scrubbing the floor mats.

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