Monday, April 16, 2012

Lake: Before & After


Grass!  Beautiful, lush, green grass! The view coming in from the lake is just gorgeous.

Those shrubs will get just big enough to hide the not-so-pretty wall to the boat ramp.

This little palm tree is Will's favorite part.  Can you see Mac's shoes and socks?  The very first thing he did when he saw the grass was take them off because he wanted to feel the grass on his feet.  The kids commented all afternoon how great it is to be able to walk across the yard and not hurt their feet.

Street Side BEFORE:
With the Wall...

Midway:  After that wall came tumbling down.

AFTER: OMG!  CAn you even believe it!?  We were able to save the original azaleas but decide to go ahead and remove everything else.  We WILL also remove the white lattice fence.

And, just because I can ...

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