Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - World of Coke

Olivia and McIver said they loved the World of Coke even more than the Georgia Aquarium.  I had worried that there might not be enough to keep them interested (I thought it would be just memorabilia), but there was plenty to see and do.

In the lobby waiting for the introductory video.

McIver was over Flat Fred by this point, but he let me take just one more picture.

Loved all the old and new Coke signs.

I don't remember this character in any Coke commercials, but apparently, s/he was a 'thing' at some point.

The Coke Polar Bear was SO CUTE!!

The Tasting Room is probably why they liked World of Coke better.  There were stations for each continent and drinks from lots of different countries.  McIver was WIRED!!!  I thought his head was going to spin off his shoulders and he COULD NOT STOP TALKING 90 miles per hour!

The 4D movie was pretty awesome, too!

THE Vault where the secret formula is actually kept under lock (and lock and lock) and key.

THE American Idol couch where contestants waited to see if they were voted off the show.

All of the old bottles were super cool.

After a trip through the gift shop, we headed down to Macon to spend some time with Nanoo and Pop.

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