Friday, July 13, 2012

3rd Annual Stricklin Visit

Thursday proved to be a big day for the kids at the lake.  They decided to try to learn to water ski for the first time.  We borrowed child-sized skis from our neighbors and Will and Don got to work teaching them the ins and outs of skiing.

But first, Don endured the Tow-of-Shame (Sorry, Don... It had to be recorded for posterity!)  He had the girls out on the tube and somehow managed to get the tubing rope sucked into the motor on the jet ski.  Thankfully, Don was smart enough not to try to start the motor and just had the girls help him start swimming the jet ski back to the dock.  Luckily for them, our neighbors were heading out in their boat and were able to tow them back to us.

These girls were psyched to try out water skiing.  They soaked in every word Don and Will were telling them about how to ski.

Nobody got up the very first time, but they knew to be patient and persistent.

Mac was all smiles until the jet ski actually tried to pull him up.  But, he was more persistent than any of them.  He stayed out there so long we all finally lost interest ... and couldn't even see him because he and Will were so far away from the dock.

Pop and I relaxed in the lake.  The temps were so high last week that being IN the lake was really the only place to be.

Mac gave a big fist-pump on his way back in.  He was so proud of himself for sticking with it, even though he didn't actually get up on his skis until  the next day.

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