Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olivia Got Her Ears Pierced!

Olivia's friend, Maggie, turns 11 on Monday.  Olivia won't be in town for her party so Maggie's mom and I decided to take the girls to get their ears pierced together.  (Maggie was already planning on getting her ears pierced, but they were sweet enough to move the big day forward a bit so that Olivia could join her.)

Olivia "before" - Of course, we had to go to Claire's, the mecca of all preteen/tween goodies.

Check out the smile on Maggie's face seeing her ears for the first time.  Love it!

This was between the first and second ear ... I'm not sure Olivia was really ready to have to second ear pierced; thankfully, she didn't have time to change her mind.

Sweet girls, soooo excited to have their ears pierced and to have done it together.

Afterwards, we treated them to lunch at McAlisters.  We laughed that it ended up being the perfect place because we sat in a corner with two gigantic mirrors so they could admire themselves throughout lunch.

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