Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5th Grade Orientation

I took Olivia to the Intermediate/Middle School Orientation yesterday at school.  We loaded up all of her school supplies and locker paraphernalia so she could set up her locker.  She brought her school supplies downstairs in her laundry basket so we just carried them like that into school.  I felt like I was moving her into a dorm room.

After a quick introduction of all of the 5th grade teaching team, the students and faculty went upstairs to the 5th grade hall while the IMS head talked to the parents.  He assured us that he can tell how a child's day will go just by the way they get out of the car in carline each morning.  They promised that they will not treat our children like mini-8th graders, that they appreciate the different physical, emotional and social changes children this age are going through.  It made this anxious mama's heart calm a bit.

Olivia and her buddies were busy unloading supplies and getting their lockers decorated once the parents got upstairs.  Per the IMS head's suggestion (as if I wouldn't have done it anyway!), I took this 'before' photo of Olivia's locker all neat and organized.

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