Friday, September 28, 2012

Butterfly Release

The SC Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Riverbanks Region held their annual Whispers Butterfly Release earlier this week.  The lawn of the statehouse was filled with patients, survivors and loved ones.  We heard Will's partner, Jimmy Williams talk about the challenges to diagnosing and treating ovarian cancer.

McIver waited (somewhat) patiently to release his butterflies.

Olivia with a butterfly - Mac is in the background chatting up Dawndy Mercer-Plank, the emcee for the event and a local news anchor.  (He had seen a clip from a previous event of Olivia and Will on WIS news that morning so I think he was trying to get himself on camera.)

Olivia with another butterfly.

We have been to the butterfly release enough times now that McIver knows there are usually left-over butterflies.  He managed to talk his way into the box of remaining butterflies and proceeded to hand them out to all of the children who were near him after the official release.  It was terribly sweet!

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