Friday, October 5, 2012

STEM Night at Heathwood

McIver had a crazy busy Tuesday this week.  After racing home to get in some reading after school, he had to get changed for soccer practice (with his new goalie gloves) and head to Owens Field.  The gloves were a hit.  We had to leave soccer practice early to get to school for the Lower School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Night.

We blew up balloons with baking soda and vinegar, then crushed a water bottle using the CO2 captured in the balloon.

We tested the surface tension on a penny with drops of water and dish soap.  FYI:  Dish soap DECREASES the surface tension on a penny meaning that you can get FEWER drops of dish soap on a penny than water.  This experiment required serious concentration and a steady hand.

McIver and his buddy William each built a Puff Mobile using a set of supplies - 3 straws, 2 sheets of paper, 3 paperclips, and 4 life saver breath mints.  There was also a roll of scotch tape on the table so they could use as much tape as they needed.  McIver was so focused on his own plan that he wouldn't take any of my suggestions.  I was sure (SURE!) that he was using too much tape and would end up weighing down his mobile.

The first test run went okay, but led McIver to believe he needed to do some tweaking.

He ended up removing one of the 'wheels' and had the car that went the farthest of all of the cars tested that night.  Yea!

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