Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Macon

Our trip to Macon was a bit of a whirlwind, but we managed to have a great time squeezing in all of our activities.  We celebrated Christmas on Thursday night when we arrived.

Cacoo with Olivia & McIver

Surprise!  The latest Vince Flynn book ... not a surprise at all, but a most-anticipated gift from Nanoo to Will each year.

Pop was glad to have an updated Merritt family picture for his office.

Nanoo came through in a big way!  I had ordered a Lego set for them to give McIver, but somehow forgot to pack it to bring to Macon.  All was well, though, because she had also gotten McIver his very own microscope, set of slides and make-your-own slide kit.

We love an "As Seen on TV" gift ... this year it was the X-hose.

Olivia's wish for an American Girl Just Like Me doll came true.  She also received several cute outfits and accessories.  The ski outfit was my favorite!

In addition to the remote controlled helicopter, Nanoo and Pop gave us this really cool Drone.  You control it with an iPhone or iPad app and it even has a video camera so you get a bird's eye view.  We joked that we're going to spy on our neighbors!

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