Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

McIver's class was instructed to make some sort of Valentine to be shared with the class last Thursday.  McIver and I decided to make salt-dough ornaments together, then he wrote the names of each child on a little tag that said Happy Valentine's Day.

We started with salt, flour and warm water.  McIver was very meticulous in his measuring.

Rolling out the dough is serious business - he had to take off his sweatshirt.  He rolled them out and we used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut them out.  McIver used a straw to poke a hole so we could thread ribbon through them and make an ornament.
We baked them for 2 hours and the next day, we painted them together.

Olivia got in on the painting/glittering.  She cut out red paper hearts and wrote out her own Valentines for her class.  She gave everyone a DumDum lollipop.  (She had to redo several of them b/c she left them out and Tex helped himself to about 5 lollipops!)

The final result - you might notice the extra heart and XXXs and OOOs for Elizabeth.  Apparently, she's the girl who currently has won McIver's heart.

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