Saturday, February 13, 2010

SNOW in Macon and Columbia!!

The kids and I came to Macon on Thursday afternoon so that I could have my first official weigh-in with Pop's MediWeightLoss Clinic. (Results are good but that's another post.) After my appointment, we picked up Moe's for lunch and took lunch to Grandma Janet. While we were there, it really and truly started to snow! The kids ran around her little garden area and took all sorts of pictures (which didn't really show anything but wet dots on the ground) and came in to report how many MORE flurries there were than when they last reported, about 45 seconds earlier. They just couldn't believe their eyes, especially after we saw so much snow on the ground in Vail, but never saw it fall from the sky.

We made it back to Nanoo and Pop's house before the real stuff started to fall and stick. I went to Grandma Myrtle's for a quick visit and decided I'd better get on back to Nanoo's before the temps dropped and the roads got too icy. By that time, the snow was starting to stick. Olivia and McIver tried to make snow angels and hearts and catch snowflakes on their tongues. I got some pictures, but will have to post them when we get home.

Will sent this movie he took of Tex playing in the snow at our house. I feel like a bad mom for missing his first snow experience! Looks like he had a ball, though, and didn't miss me one bit.

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Ritz.. said...

Hey your dog is such a darling ..... Does'nt he get cold in snow :)!!!