Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Puzzle Master

McIver loves puzzles!  He told me that his teachers and friends at school call him "The Puzzle Master."  So, we spent part of one afternoon last week doing puzzles.  It's one thing (that doesn't involve electronics!) that he'll spend a good amount of time on without being distracted by anything or anyone else.

Later this week, they'll be celebrating the 100th Day of School.  Each child was asked to bring in 100 'things' that can be counted and sorted by the class.  Of course, McIver counted to see if he had 100 Bakugan cards, but he's 7 shy.  So, he spotted the '100' on the puzzle and decided to take that instead.  He thought he could just throw all the pieces into the bag and call it a day, but I made him count out 10 stacks of 10 pieces so he could be sure there were 100 pieces.

Olivia and Kate LOVE to play together.  Here they are sporting their semi-matching jackets.

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