Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a gorgeous day in Columbia.  Once we got home from church (back in the cathedral which was beautiful), we had a good, old Sunday dinner.  Will fried some chicken and I made macaroni and cheese and we told the children that's what we used to do 'when we were young.'  After they rolled their eyes at us and cleared their plates, we sent them outside to enjoy the day.  They rode bikes, played in the yard and got excited about the Halloween festivities planned for the night.

McIver was glad that I found some black hair spray for his hair.  He just could not be Harry Potter without black hair.  I told him I was nervous that his hair would not come clean and he would have black hair until Thanksgiving.  I even offered that I could return the hairspray and give him the money that I had spent on it.  Before committing, he asked how much he would get.  When I told him $2.50, he decided to risk the black hair.  

Harry Potter - Before

Harry Potter - After

Harry Potter - Way After
(By the end of the evening, McIver's shirt was dusted with gray, along with both his hair and face.  He looked like a much-older Harry Potter.  Thankfully, we were able to get the spray out of his hair and he's back to his blond self.)

Olivia enjoyed being a cowgirl this year.  She was able to convince several of her friends to join her.  I think their mamas were happy that they were able to use clothes they already had rather then spending a fortune on costumes.  We did have to buy Olivia some boots, but she loves them and I think will end up wearing them a lot.

Will took the children trick-or-treating while I stayed home to answer the door.  Poor Tex was miserable because he was locked in his room.  I just couldn't risk a black dog escaping up the street every time I tried to answer the door.  He was glad when the kids got home and eager to check out all the excitement.  Olivia had put his ball in her bucket to see what he would do, although, I'm sure he would have preferred candy.

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