Thursday, November 25, 2010

Houston - Saturday

The girls woke up Saturday morning, left the fellas at the Stricklin compound and headed out for mani/pedis, a trip to Starbucks and some shopping.

Olivia has only had one other 'real' pedicure so this was a treat for her.  Olivia, Abby and Gay were all in the same room getting pedicures while I had my nails done.  I loved listening to all of Abby and Olivia's chit-chat.  They were having so much fun together, it just made my heart smile!

There's nothing like a Strawberry Frappucino to get the day off to a good start.

Fun toenails.

We went to Rice Village for a quick stop at Origins (which Gay introduced me to when we 'lunched' in Houston) and Bath & Body Works.  Everyone came away with a little treat, then we met the guys at Lupe Tortilla for lunch.  No trip to Houston will ever be complete, for us, if we don't get to Lupe's!  It was a gorgeous day (maybe a little hot for me and my sweater) for sitting near the sandbox, drinking ice cold Corona Lights and being with some dear Houston friends.

After lunch, the girls had one last shopping stop to make.  How cute are these girls!?

We got home to find the dads about as relaxed as they could possibly be...

I take that back, they worked hard packing the cooler before we got home!

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