Tuesday, November 2, 2010

McIver's PEAK Party

McIver's PEAK birthday party was a huge success.  He was totally in his element and had a fantastic time.  It also helped that the weather was perfect for being outside.

On the 'whale watch' - bascially, it's a giant see saw.  Kids pile on it and try to balance it, or knock each other off of it.

The BirthdayBoy on his first climb.

Olivia even gave the Alpine Tower a try.  It took her a few tries, but she ended up making it all the way to the top a few times.   She was WAY proud of herself!  Apparently, there's a log at the top where the children sign their names once they've reached the top.

The Giant Swing was a big hit, too.

McIver on one of his many ascents.  He got to the top in record time.  I started calling him 'my little mountain goat.'

And, then my camera battery died.  Will and I both had a turn on the Giant Swing.  It was really fun, until I started going in circles.  Am I getting old?  Will turned upside down while he was on the swing, so then all the kids thought that was a fun trick to try.  Will also made it to the top of the Alpine Tower.    

In the interest of getting this post up, I'll add the pictures from Will's phone later.

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