Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Break: Mamoo's Birthday

Mamoo turned 92 last Monday.  Since we didn't have school, we were able to stop by for a visit without being rushed to get home and do homework or get to bed.  

The kids each made Mamoo a special birthday card.  I had to convince them both to put a little more effort into their cards, and they were both rewarded with genuine appreciation from Mamoo.  She asked all kinds of questions about their cards (who was in the picture, who thought out what to say, etc.) so Olivia and McIver both knew that their extra effort was appreciated.  

McIver took some of his new toys over to show Mamoo.  The weather was great so we sat out on her porch for a good part of the visit.

After our visit with Mamoo, we got haircuts for the kids, then went home to make some scarecrows for our front porch.

The fact that Olivia had outgrown her Hannah Montana t-shirt was tempered by the fact that she could use the shirt on her scarecrow.

McIver with his scarecrow.

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Musings of a Housewife said...

What a spunky looking 92-year-old! My grandpa is 92 (or 93?) and he is still quite the mover and the shaker. What a blessing! :-) happy birthday to her.