Saturday, October 9, 2010

Columbia's Animal Mission

Rather than ask her friends to bring gifts to her birthday, Olivia asked them to bring puppy food to donate to the animal shelter.  We were finally able to find a time to go last week.  Of course, we also wanted to meet the benefactors of Olivia's good deed.

After a quick walk through the dog pens, we headed into the cat rooms.  We were not allowed to pet the dogs, but the woman at the desk encouraged us to interact with the cats.  It didn't take much convincing.  once we walked in a room, they just started to swarm.  There are 6-8 cats in each room at a time so that they can get acquainted.  Olivia found a friend right away.

Since we stopped by on our way home from school, our carpool buddy was able to join us.  He was a fan of the cats, too.

We also went into the cat playroom.  There were lots of interesting things for the cats to play with, climb on and windows to stare out of.

And, we managed to leave all the animals at the shelter with the promise that we will come back to love on them every once in a while.

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Sadie said...

I wish I had a place I could go play with cats - way to go, Olivia, for your good deed! Do you think you could bring me some F-U-D? I am starving.

Your friend,