Saturday, October 2, 2010

PEAK Outdoors

McIver is part of the PEAK Outdoors Adventure Club which meets most Tuesdays after school.  So far, they have been canoeing in the pond at school and in the Congaree River.  McIver told me he 'doesn't just like it; I LOVE it!!'  And, he does.  But, I think this week's adventure on the Alpine Tower at school was his favorite activity to date.  Olivia and I were hanging out at school and decided to venture over to the ropes course to see if we could catch him in action.  I'm glad he was already on the tower when we got there.  I might have been more nervous if I had had to watch him get in the harness and get started.

Instead, he was already on his way up...

He had all the lingo down already - "I need some more rope; give me some slack, please."  Here he is maneuvering over to the swinging log.

On his way down - so glad they had on helmets.  He almost knocked himself out on that log.

After taking a quick break to give others a turn, McIver went up a different way - all the way to the very top.  He made it to the top three times and loved the view.  From what I could gather listening to the upper school students who were helping, McIver was one of the more adept climbers in the group (which was not a huge shock to me!!).

Taking a break on his way down from the top.

Just a shot of the entire tower to give some perspective on just how tall it is.  I had a hard time getting the whole thing in one picture.  Note how high the swinging log is from the ground.  

PEAK stands for Pursuit of Environmental Adventure and Knowledge.   As students grow, they have camping trips both on and off-campus, hiking, biking and more.   McIver may have just found his niche at school.  He already can't wait for the Adventure Swing next week!

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