Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Break: Eliza's Baptism

We were about 45 minutes early (EARLY!) to church the morning of Eliza's baptism so I took Olivia and McIver to the playground to kill some time.  We found the sweetest, fluffiest, friendliest kitty.  He (she?) followed the children around the playground - we just couldn't help loving on him.  Later, when we were in the church nursery, they told us that he has sneaked into the church a time or two.

I've said it before, but Olivia just couldn't have been sweeter with Eliza.  She was so excited to help get her dressed before the service started.  She also sat right next to GranGran, who was holding Eliza, during church to help in whatever way she could.

Kelli and Ginny put together a beautiful luncheon at the Creek House after the baptism.  The house was overflowing with people in the best way.  The weather was great so the door to the porch was open and we had a gorgeous view of the creek.  I didn't get any pictures of the spread or the beautiful flowers but can assure you that it was wonderful.

After some of the crowd thinned out, we tried to get a picture of the six grands.  It wasn't easy, and this is one of the better pictures.  Between my camera, Uncle Lane's, Ginny and Kelli's camera, we probably have 100 pictures of this group.  Eliza had been sound asleep in my arms and was not at all happy with being transferred to Olivia's.  Olivia was the most calm through the whole ordeal, though.  

Things got really quiet after the photo shoot.  I found the girls upstairs enjoying some downtime and watching a Barbie movie together. 

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