Monday, October 11, 2010

Olivia's Writing Workshop

Olivia had a unique opportunity at school last week.  Her class had a writing workshop with Brian P. Cleary, a visiting author who spent two days at the school.   His books and poetry introduce and explain parts of speech to young readers in a really funny and engaging way.  We bought two of his books (which he also signed) and they're just really good, silly reads.

During the writing workshop in Olivia's class, he gave students a word and then asked them to write about the word using their senses.  I loved what Olivia wrote about her word:  JOY

1. Joy sounds like my cousins playing tag on the golf course.
2.  Joy tastes like a pizza cooked with extra cheese.
3.  Joy feels like my mom giving me a hug at night before she goes to sleep.
4.  Joy looks like my wonderful dog playing soccer with me before dinner.
5.  Joy smells like my mom's chicken pie right out of the oven.

(Maybe I love it so much because I get such good reviews!)

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