Friday, February 11, 2011

Puzzles & Harry Potter

We have a great carpool system this year.  Our friend drives every morning because she has a little one at home who naps in the afternoon.  So, I don't have to rush to get myself ready in the morning so that we can all get out the door unless I'm subbing.  So, most mornings lately, the kids get up, have breakfast and get dressed, then we sit at the dining room table while they do puzzles and I read from the latest Harry Potter book.  McIver and I have read the first three books together.  We don't watch the movie until we have finished the book.  Olivia hasn't been interested in listening in on the books, but she loves the movies and is happy to listen to the latest book (the 4th one) during puzzle time in the morning.  

Now that I've figured out the new camera, McIver said I should take a picture of our new morning activity.

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