Saturday, December 31, 2011

Uncle Sammy's Farm

After the Winter Games, we headed over to Will's Uncle Sammy's farm.  We had heard for years how wonderful it is, but this was our first chance to go.  We unloaded the cars and then had a tour of the farm.

The outdoor kitchen has a HUGE grill ... perfect for cooking a pig.

We loaded up in the Rhino/golf carts to go see all of the land.  We spotted two deer, lots of animal tracks, the deer stands and the swamp.  Will asked Sammy to take our picture.  (This is the first photographic evidence that I existed during the Christmas holiday - but isn't that how it is for the mamas?!)

As promised, more pictures with the grands.  The porch at the farm has a huge fireplace with plenty of wood to keep it going and rocking chairs to enjoy.  GranGran and GranDaddy stopped by on their way home from the Winter Games for a quick visit.  GranGran finished knitting a scarf for Olivia rocking in front of the fireplace while we were on our tour.

Saying good-bye to GranDaddy before he heads back to the beach.

One last picture with Will and McIver.

McIver caught a fish!!  Will said it was about a 5-lb. crappy.  It was all McIver could do to wait for Will and Sammy to get back from the barn to take it off the hook.  I certainly would not have been any help!

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