Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Games 2011

Will's mom's mom's side of the family gets together each day-after-Christmas for the Winter Games in Effingham.  This was our second year to be able to go (Will was on call last year), and once again, we had perfect weather and a wonderful time.  Olivia took a friend with us ... I think Mattie's mom thought I was kidding when I told her there would be chicken-chasing!

There were all kinds of fun activities for the children (of which there were MANY!).  The first was Tug-of-War.

McIver got in on the action, too.  

They also have a corn shucker with giant bags of dried corn just waiting for the children to run through the grinder (or whatever it's called!).  (That building in the background is an old train depot that was moved to the property years ago.  They throw open the doors and set up the food tables inside.  And, there's a giant fireplace at one end to keep it nice and cozy inside.)

Will showed Olivia and Mattie how to shoot skeet.

Told you ... there's chicken-chasing!  And, after that ... pig-chasing!  None of my city children were all that interested in actually catching up to the animals, thank goodness.

Tex was in Heaven all day ... so many smells, so little time.

McIver thought this old truck was pretty cool.

McIver in the haystack tunnels in the top of the barn ... where the rat-killing occurs.  (If they actually do that, we have never been a part of it.  I'm not sure if they're kidding or not when they mention that there will be 'rat-killing and bring your own stick' on the invitation.)

One of the best parts of the day is easily the giant old trees with swings, a zip line, slides and ropes all over them.

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