Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Greenville Visit

After our stop in Columbia, we made our way to Greenville. Olivia and McIver were super excited about the hotel - the pools, the fish, breakfast in their PJs, and the fact that all rules seemed to go out the window. Why is it OK to jump on beds and have pillow fights at the hotel but not at home? Mom was just too worn down by then to fight them on it!

We met the Nixon, Burns & Waters families at the Gower pool for pizza and swimming. Marina brought Julia as soon as they got back from a week of vacation. We loved the chance to see everyone - and get out some of the pent up energy from the long car ride.

We made our way to the Nixons house on Monday morning to play and hang out like old times. Then enjoyed a quick (and a bit stressful for me) lunch at McAlisters. (I was very disappointed to learn that Meadors had closed!) After lunch, we met Marina, Julia, T & Mary Caroline at Monkey Joes for some bouncing fun. We also went back to the hotel to swim in the indoor pool. Olivia was thrilled not to have to put on sunscreen.

Steph, Kait, Tiffany & Anderson met us for dinner at Corona that night. Tiffany thought it was pretty funny that we came all the way from TX to eat mexican food, but it felt good to be enjoying familiar favorites.

Marina, Julia, T & Mary Caroline joined us for breakfast at the hotel. The kids loved eating in their jammies! We hated to say good-bye but after another quick visit with the Nixons we made our way back to Columbia for another visit with Mamoo and then back to Myrtle Beach.

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