Monday, August 27, 2007

Olivia's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Olivia was really, really excited about Kindergarten when she went to bed last night - she was up later than she should have been b/c she was 'just so excited.' We met her teacher last Friday - Mrs. Hoyos. She seems really nice yet firm. We have heard that she's into science and spends a lot of time in the Kolter Garden with the Master Gardener. Olivia is thrilled with her new pair of garden gloves that she keeps in her back pack.

Everyone was excited this morning when we woke up. The closer we got to school, though, the more nervous Olivia became. She squeezed my hand tighter and tighter the closer we got to the classroom. Once we were inside, she was excited to dole out the school supplies to their appropriate cubbies. She hesistated when it was time for the moms and dads to leave and finally told me she was 'just a little nervous.' Mrs. Hoyos caught my eye and made her way towards Olivia. Rather than have Mrs. Hoyos single her out, though, Olivia headed back to her seat.

McIver and I went to the Boo-Hoo Breakfast for moms and dads. By the time we walked back by the classroom, Mrs. Hoyos had Olivia's full attention and she seemed to be doing just fine.

When we picked her up from school this afternoon, Olivia would NOT stop talking about her day. There wasn't even time for me to ask questions - it was so fun Mama, and we ate lunch in the cafeteria, and we had a rest time and I think I fell asleep for a powernap (a term she learned from GranDaddy!), and Shannon and I stayed near each other all day, and I played with Lauren (a friend from school last year who is in a different Kinder class) on the playground, and one boy got in trouble A LOT, and you can go through the line in the cafeteria if you have a lunch card, and 'we learned china today,' and we have a little bit of homework for show and tell, and one girl lost a tooth today, and on and on.

Mac insisted on sharing the spotlight with Olivia. I'm hoping we won't have to battle his wearing the superman cape and hard hat to school every day!

By this time we were in the classroom and the nerves had set in.

All was well after a trip to TCBY after school. I'm sure this one trip has already become a 1st day of school tradition for our family.

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