Sunday, August 5, 2007

Myrtle Beach - August 2007

We had two good flights to get to Myrtle Beach last week, despite the battery on the DVD player dying midway through Peter Pan on the 1st flight. The kids used their $5 bills that Mamoo sent to buy themselves a cinnamon roll and bottle of juice at the airport. They felt really grown-up using their own money.

This past weekend was the SOB (Sons - and daughters - Of the Beach) Weekend - all of the kids that Will grew up with in Myrtle Beach came home for the weekend. Friends came in from Charlotte, Virginia, DC and Columbia. The Mims hosted everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - at their house on Friday night. It was a casual get-together with three generations. You really had to watch your step walking around because of all the babies and kids running around. McIver ate about 6 cupcakes for dinner that night - nothing else. We were so glad to finally meet JuliAnna and be able to spend more time with Amelia - the newest Merritt cousins.

We spent Saturday on the beach and at the pool. Olivia is now a pro boogie boarder, thanks to instruction from her godmother Jane, GranDaddy and Uncle Robert. McIver likes to build drip castles and play in the tidal pools with his boogie board, but he's not a fan of the yukky water. The good news is that he does now appreciate what goggles are for.

The Gravelys hosted a great party at their beautiful home on Saturday night for the grown-ups. It was a great evening and so nice to be able to catch up with everyone.

Here's a link to my Shutterfly pictures that I've taken so far. Enjoy!

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