Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That's What GranDaddies are For!

GranDaddy was kind enough to babysit so that I could go out for sushi with Gray, Chase and Hatton. He never let on his plan for the evening, but I was pretty sure it involved ice cream at the Marble Slab. They loaded into the car and pulled out of the driveway just as I left with Gray to meet the other girls at Sugami. Ginny was at book club.

Gray dropped me off about 9:15 and I noticed that their car wasn't back yet. I wondered where they were, of course, but didn't want to call Jimmy and have him think that I didn't trust him. Then I noticed that he had left his cell phone at home. I checked in with Will who told me not to worry.

By the time Ginny got home about 9:45, I will admit that I was starting to worry a little bit. Surely it didn't take 2+ hours to get ice cream - the Marble Slab is not far away and it wasn't THAT crowded at the beach this late in August. Ginny and I started planning our route to look for them. We decided we would start to worry if they weren't home by 10:30.

At exactly 10:30, we heard the beep-beep of the garage door and McIver tip-toeing into the kitchen. "Is anyone here? Is anyone awake?" Then giggles from Olivia. When they found Ginny and me in the sunroom, the ran in and were ALL excited to tell us what they had done. Jimmy must have coached them, though, b/c they wouldn't tell us WHERE they had been. After much discussion about rides, roller coasters and ice cream, we found out that he had taken them to the Family Kingdon Amusement Park - and they had a BALL!! Then, they stopped for ice cream on the way home (at 9:30PM).

And, that's what GranDaddies are for! (I just wish I had been a fly on the wall to see it all and take pictures!)