Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"A Favorite Time with My Grandparents"

As dictated by Olivia while looking at pictures of each of the grands:

Pop fed me ice cream at Disney World. Nanoo gives me ‘sugar’ and tickles me. Grandma Janet has cats and my favorite animal is a cat.

Since Mamoo’s husband died, she gives me lots of money, $5 or $4 or $1 when I visit her in South Carolina. Grandma Myrtle lives across the street from a train track and we always walk to the train track. And, she has lots of toys.

My favorite time with GranDaddy was one day he took me to play golf in the golf cart and I got to drive with him, but my brother stayed home. GranGran makes good chicken pie for me. And she makes me lots of dresses. My favorite is the one with flowers and my initials.

The End.

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