Thursday, September 20, 2007

Galveston with the Stricklins

We had been planning a long weekend in Galveson with the Stricklins for several months now. But, last Wednesday night we were very concerned that Hurricane Humberto would rain on our parade - literally. We were ecstactic Thursday morning when we woke and not a drop of rain had fallen in Houston! The weekend was a blast from start to finish...

Olivia and Abigail were the first to test out the hot tub, in spite of the
thousands of 'love bugs' floating around.

Sam & McIver took it upon themselves to rid the hot tub of love bugs - and water!

I didn't say it didn't rain in Galveston! Our house was 6 down from the beach. So we had to walk through knee-deep water to get to the beach on Thursday night. By Friday morning, we were golden. The sun was shining and we had a beautiful day to enjoy the beach.

It was great to see Will so relaxed and enjoying some free time with the kids.

Murphy faired pretty well throughout the weekend as well -beach, chasing his dummy in the ocean, free reign in the beach house, a hose down every time he came home from the beach, even a steak dinner on Saturday night.

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