Wednesday, September 5, 2007

McIver's 1st Day of School

McIver has spent the last week with me at school during in-service training and room prep. So, he was glad to FINALLY be able to go to the Ladybug Class Party on Tuesday and start school today. Last week, he kept leaving the room where the teachers' kids were supposed to be playing to wander the halls. I told him he was supposed to stay with the babysitters, but he replied: Don't worry, Mom. I know my way around. I assured him that was NOT the point. He did great today, though, and stayed with his class for music, playground, spanish and all the other fun things the Ladybug Class has to offer.

Showing off his birthdate ice cream cone.

The workshop center is definitely his favorite so far.

Lunch is packed and he's all set to go to the Ladybug Class!

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