Thursday, September 20, 2007

Olivia's 6th Birthday

Olivia is about as lucky a kid as you can find. We started celebrating her birthday on Thursday night in Galveston. She opened several presents which were great fun to enjoy during the weekend. She celebrated Sunday morning (her actual birthday) with candles in her cinnamon rolls and then even chose where we went to dinner Sunday night - Skeeters, dressed in her new Sleeping Beauty costume compliments of Nanoo, Cacoo, Pop and Grandma Janet. She has also opened presents from GranGran and GranDaddy which she is not yet willing to share with her very jealous little brother - who is super excited for his own birtday next month.

Uno Attack was enjoyed by all throughout the weekend.

Lite Brite was a hit - whoever created the 4-sided Lite Brite is a GENIUS!

Have you ever seen someone so excited about a new pair of tennis shoes!? They're Hello Kitty and they have not left her feet since she first put them on.

Check out all those candles!

THIS is what Olivia wore to dinner to celebrate her birthday -

a princess, indeed!

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