Thursday, November 22, 2007

McIver writes his name for the 1st time

So I had some Christmas gifts all packaged up and ready to mail. Olivia and McIver love to decorate the boxes so they had gone to town with some Sharpies. When I came back around to check on their progress, I discovered that McIver had written his name on one of the boxes - ALL BY HIMSELF!! I'm sure that many kids his age are capable of doing that, but it was news to me that HE could. I have not encouraged him/pushed him in any way b/c he gets so frustrated when he can't do something exactly right the first time that he won't try again - ever. So, I'm super proud of my little guy!

This is what he wrote on the package.

This is his next attempt - with some help from Olivia to 'remember the E.'

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