Friday, November 9, 2007

This time next week...

I'll be on a plane headed to ATL to see the YaYas for the weekend . . . and I'm SO excited! But first, we have to get through a sick-visit to the doctor today at 1pm since Mac has been home with a cough and fever for 2 days. Will being on call tomorrow. Marathon ECW day at church on Sunday - pecan-making begins at 11am and then we have a potluck dinner meeting at 6:30. Three days of school next week for me (manners and Thanksgiving units to cover). 5 days of school for O & Mac, as long as they stay/get well. And, researching our family's 'country of origin,' helping Olivia make a headband with that country's flag and coming up with some sort of food dish to share with her entire class next Friday for the Multicultural Food Feast (which I will miss b/c, as I mentioned earlier, I will be on a plane, by myself!, headed to east to Atlanta!).
Here is who I'm so excited to see:

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