Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mac the Builder

My little Trouble-Maker (with a capital "T" - is it coincidence that his initials are TMM - Trouble-Maker Merritt, maybe. Maybe that's what they'll call him when he's on the NASCAR circuit one day!)) was at it again today. All was quiet in the living room so I went to work at my computer earlier this afternoon. We had gone to the library after school today so I assumed that everyone was reading their new books. Then, I heard the sound of the stool being dragged across the floor. It's my fault - I should have gotten up then, but I didn't. Then, I heard the the front door open and slam shut. When I got up to see what was going on, I found this...
McIver had unscrewed the deadbolt on the back door. He got a screwdriver as a rebate from Lowe's b/c of the gift certificate we bought for GranDaddy before Christmas. This would be why he was quiet in the living room - NOT because he was sitting and quietly reading books to himself.
Olivia was happy to point out the obvious - "We can't go outside because the lock is missing." Which explains the dragging of the stool so he could go out the front door (he can't undo the lock on the laundry room door).
Now we have a new made-from-scratch playset. (The tape measure came in today's mail - another freebie, although, I thought we only ordered the screwdriver.)

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Kelli Merritt said...

Our sliding door isn't working properly. I think I know just the guy to call...TMM! Too Funny. Thanks for the great birthday/Valentines Day gifts for Amelia. We love them.