Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're SO not lame...

... and that's how the planning began last May for a trip to Austin with six friends from church.

We stayed in the Writers' Cottage at Carrington's Bluff B&B in Austin near the UT campus. It was the most relaxing weekend I've had lately. We drove up Friday afternoon and had time to visit before our evening plans kicked in.

We made our way to Guero's Taco Bar (and heard some not-so-great live music) while we waited in their outdoor bar. After dinner we crossed the street to the Continental Club to hear Elana James (http://www.elanajames.com/). We had heard her last May when we went to Austin with the Stricklins and loved her. She plays the fiddle (or maybe it's a violin) and the band also includes a bass player, drummer and guitar player. I'm always super-impressed by the bass player.

Lucy, Margaret, Gay, Sue, me and Jacquie

After the band finished, we headed back to the cottage for some relaxing and more talking - and a whole lot of laughing.

Saturday was a beautiful day! I'm sad (but not too sad) to say that Gay & I spent much of the day indoors watching 2 movies in a row - 27 Dresses and Juno. It was my idea of heaven! The other gals spent some time shopping and relaxing. We met back up at the cottage with plenty of time to spare (and drink wine) before our dinner reservation.

Dinner at the Castle Hill Cafe was delicious - and the conversation was a RIOT. I'm sure the other diners wondered just how old we were with all the giggling going on at our table.

Sunday was another gorgeous day. We took our time getting up and dressed before packing up. Gay & I knew that no matter what anyone else did, WE had to revisit Kerby Lane cafe before we left town. It's a cute little restaurant with interesting waitstaff and clientele (read: lots of tattoos and piercings) and the best queso you've ever tasted. Sue and Margaret joined us there and afterwards, we headed home.

I returned home rested and ready for a busy week. Will had kept the kids busy all weekend - even took the training wheels off of Mac's bike. He's not at all adept at riding it yet, but at least he's interested. I may have a few more pictures to share later this week...

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