Friday, April 24, 2009

Austin with the Stricklins

Will and I went to Austin with Gay & Don last weekend to celebrate one last grown-up hurrah before our move this summer. I took the kids to Parents' Night Out at Palmer to meet up with Olivia, the babysitter. Then, we met Gay & Don at our house, loaded up the car and hit the road.

First stop: Guero's Taco Bar on Congress - It was the Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up so there were all kinds of 'kars' to check out. (Lots of 'krazies,' too, for that matter. Austin's logo is "Keep Austin Weird" for a reason!) We did not stop by the hotel to freshen up before going to dinner so we're looking a bit tired in this picture. We didn't get to Austin until 10pm.

After dinner, we checked into the hotel and walked around on 6th Street in downtown Austin. Again, more interesting people-watching. I just don't understand the thought process behind the outfits that some of the girls were wearing. We went back to the dueling piano bar which was a bit of a bust. Maybe we were just tired - or maybe the piano players really weren't that good.

Anyway, we went to bed about 2am and were so glad not to have to follow any schedule at all on Saturday morning. We finally gathered ourselves and headed to our favorite breakfast spot - Kerbey Lane Cafe. Delicious! No trip there is complete without an order of Kerbey Queso - queso cheese with a dollop of guacamole and a basket of chips. We laughed that Kerbey Lane is the only place where you would eat queso and panckes in the same meal and not think twice about it. (I'm pretty sure we made the same comment the last time we were there 'because that's what we do in Austin!')

We wandered around 'the drag' of UT for a little while - more people watching. Some guys with freaky-looking masks were protesting outside of the Scientology building. I didn't really understand their signs or their costumes, but they seemed very proud of their efforts. Since we were far too clean cut to hang around there for too long, we went to the Crown & Anchor pub and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Will went back to the hotel to nap, but Gay, Don and I decided to wander the other direction down 6th Street. It didn't take long to find Little Woodrow's so Don took a seat at the bar to wait for us. Gay & I found lots of great shops, more grown-up (less loud and freaky!) bars and Z'Tejas where we decided to go for dinner. We couldn't help but laugh at the sign at Little Woodrow's.

We found Mother Eagan's Irish Pub and stopped to listen to some live music and wait for Will to emerge. Dinner at Z'Tejas was delicious!!

After brunch at Magn Cafe, we hit the road to get home. It was a FANtastic weekend. We hope to do it again in 2011 when the SGO Annual Meeting is in Austin.

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