Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

McIver's End of the Year Program at school was Tuesday night. I tried to get a video the night of the program, but we were just too far away. So, I asked him to sing it for me by himself this morning. He only sang one verse, but you'll get the idea... (Imagine him with a paper plate covered with orange and brown yarn glued all over it to look like a lion's mane and a hole cut out in the middle. It was terribly cute!)

There were about 24 kids on the steps in the Sanctuary during his performance. McIver was the ONLY one who sang the 'huh huh' part leading into the chorus. (He tried to get his buddy Sam to sing along with him but Sam wasn't interested.) He'd been listening to the song on my iPhone for weeks and practicing and was very pleased with himself!

PS: Don't ask me where he got that accent for 'liiiiiiii-on.'

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