Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Will was on call for Easter weekend so we did not make plans to go to church Sunday morning. He had to round so the kids and I made plans to do absolutely nothing. The forecasters had called for thunderstorms Easter morning so we were looking forward to just staying in our PJs most of the morning.

Olivia woke up first and seemed to have forgotten about the possibility of a surprise from the Easter Bunny. But when she got to the kitchen, she shrieked and then ran back to my room to tell me that her basket was full. She didn't even know what was in it yet!

Purple Crocs, Sleeping Beauty, Hannah Montana toothpaste and stickers, some bubble gum and a few Easter eggs filled with quarters and Chuck E Cheese tokens.
We'll never know how long McIver would have slept because Olivia woke him up as soon as she finished checking out her basket. His was very similar - new Crocs, gum (which didn't last the day) and the Prince Caspian movie.
The weather was overcast for a while and it did eventually rain buckets, so we curled up watching movies (Prince Caspian and Homeward Bound) and waited for Will to come home. He called to check in on his way and we decided to celebrate Easter with a KFC lunch. Maybe we'll host a fancy Easter dinner next year in our new house!

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